Appartement and house rentals

Renting an apartment through Euroflat Apartments websites in any of cities where we list apartments is an excellent alternative for many expensive hotel accommodations offered in the cities listed with us.

All the flats listed on Euroflat Apartments websites are centrally located; they are comfortable and well equipped, suitable for family vacations or business trips. When you rent an apartment you also get more space and privacy than in any hotel room.
Every apartment has its own charm, providing full privacy, making it ideal for couples, families or groups of friends. You can also get offers for hosting for groups of 15-65 people, either in the same building or in apartments located close to one another.

When they publish their apartments on “Euroflat Apartments” websites, the owners/managers are eager to provide you with the most accurate information regarding their apartments.

These apartments are meant to offer you the most flexible accommodation in the city center, in most cases with no rigid check-in and check-out policy, no extra charges for several services and much more. The owners/managers are committed to helping you, while offering warm hospitality and providing you with other useful information about interesting sites in the area and its surroundings.

Most of the apartments offered as your holiday accommodation or vacation flat are very centrally located, situated in safe areas, that are also close to public transportation and close to many tourists’ attractions.

“Euroflat Apartments” staff is committed to do the utmost for offering you useful information.